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Maximum Inc. Weather Instruments


Our Maximum family of Weather Instruments continues a tradition of product excellence. The experts at Maximum have designed a line of instruments for monitoring wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, rainfall and more. Choose from a wide selection of Maximum instruments suited to indoor or outdoor applications. Superior instrumentation with timeless appeal.

Maximum Weather Instruments provide the most comprehensive and detailed weather data available to coastal mariners. Their instruments are handcrafted and tested in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and include a select collection of barometers and hygrometers. The combination of shapes and sizes helps you choose the precise instrument for your needs, be it an accurate barometer, a full set-up for navigation, or a thermometer mounted at ideal height to make quick and easy reading.

Our Maximum Weather Instruments are designed to modern standards of accuracy, durability and consumer safety. They are built to withstand the harshest marine environments--whether you are sailing on a yacht, ship or fishing boat.  Maximum also offer a full line of instruments for automotive enthusiasts, motor vehicle fleets and coastal mariners.

Maximum Weather Instruments are trusted by fishermen and yachtsmen throughout the world. Weather enthusiasts and coastal mariners choose Maximum's comprehensive, accurate and dependable weather instruments with barometers and hygrometers – each finely crafted, tested and calibrated at Maximum’s New Bedford, Massachusetts facility.  Accurate measurements using Maximum Instruments help you plan your day more effectively and precisely.