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Weather Pillars

Weather Pillars Weather Stations by Weather Scientific

This Weather Pillar is a beautiful instrument. In addition to its visual appeal, it provides important weather information that can be helpful for sailing or just living in a coastal area. It is made of the finest materials and the design of its rotating discs has been carefully crafted to provide a unique display of wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and humidity. The Weather Pillar helps us understand the elements so we can live with nature.  With its patented blown-glass housing below the tube that allows for self-adjustment regardless of temperature, the Weather Pillar has won over the hearts and minds of collectors throughout the world.

The Weather Pillar is a very unique VHF marine radio receiver. For 80 years ship owners, boat operators and coast guards were at the mercy of harsh weather conditions. They did not have access to rapid weather reports, nor images or up-to-date navigation warnings via radio or Internet like today. This might be called evolution or revolution, but in any case it is an important topic for everyone who lives by the seaside.

The Weather Pillar is used to automatically record the weather at a given site by measuring solar radiation, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and temperature. Over the last four decades I have been one of those users and owners of the original Lufft Weather Pillar. To this day, we are still fascinated by its design and functionality. The Weather Pillars’s design and radiative principle more than surpassed our hopes for a new interpretation of this unique product. It delightfully captures the spirit of that original classic.

The Weather Pillar is the most desirable of all weather instruments. This miniature instrument features a rotating dial with amber-tinted aircraft glass lenses and a silver-plated brass case with a highly polished nickel finish. In order to protect against dust, models are varnished following each assembly as they were when their elegant design was first introduced in Germany.

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