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Weather Sensors

With the right weather sensors for your alarm system, you can keep your monitoring system running smoothly. Our indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity sensors can alert you when the temperature gets too hot or cold, while our rain gauges allow you to track precipitation levels. Plus, our thermometer probes detach from the outdoor enclosure to work with any of our indoor/outdoor display units, allowing you to monitor both the temperature and humidity.

Whether you're looking to expand your existing weather monitoring system or repair a faulty sensor, we offer everything you need to keep your system running smoothly. We proudly carry everything from environmental sensors that track the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, to external displays that make it easy to track a variety of weather conditions. For outdoor use, we offer thermometers that help you monitor temperatures around your home, and thermometer probes that can be inserted into specific food items for more accurate cooking.

Weather sensors are essential elements of weather monitoring systems. The sensors send data to your display, giving you useful information like wind speed, barometric pressure and indoor/outdoor temperature. Whether you're looking for outdoor weather sensors, or indoor thermometer probes, we have what you need to keep an eye on the weather.