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Our new RainWise Weather Station Package offers complete and reliable weather data monitoring with interactive graphs and charts.  RainWise is your ultimate solution for any kind of weather data monitoring and analysis, plus the perfect gift for the meteorologist or weather enthusiast in your life.

RainWise is a convenient one-stop solution to monitor all your meteorological station needs. Best for basic weather data monitoring, or ideal for building up knowledge about your local weather environment.

RainWise has a small data recorder that provides the most accurate and useful information on meteorological conditions. It is an ideal package for scientists, meteorologists, agronomists, and all those who want to know what weather is doing at their location. It is simple to use with a large visual screen and does not require any setting or calibration by the user.

The RainWise weather data monitor is the perfect weather data monitor for anyone interested in or associated with meteorological programs. The economical, yet reliable package is designed to monitor current conditions, forecast conditions & precipitation over a 48 hour period. The easy-to-use monitor includes an advanced wireless remote sensor, monitor with alarm hold function, a display unit that has a rain alert function, and rain accumulation value.

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