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Rain Gauges

If you live in an area that's susceptible to fluctuating rainfall amounts, these Weather Instruments Waterproof Rain Gauges are your perfect solution. They're easy to set up and function wirelessly. And, our Rain data loggers provide the highest amount of memory of any product on the market today. 

For example, with the Rain data logger, you can now measure rainfall data automatically; the data will be stored in internal memory. The logger can store up to 5 months of data (16 million samples per channel) for later retrieval or analysis. The logger is equipped with a real-time clock that automatically adjusts for changes in time zone.

The Rain data logger is an easy-to-use weather station designed to store and analyze rainfall data for up to 7 years. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and is compatible with all of our wireless weather sensors and transmitters. All collected rainfall data is transmitted in real-time to a web portal and can be accessed online, anytime, and anywhere.

The Rain logger is an affordable weather instrument that can be used for all types of rain measurement. It is designed to be simple, robust, and very accurate while using an easy-to-read LCD display. Rain data is recorded every 15 minutes on average, so it is ideal for making time-lapse movies of long-term or heavy rainfall events. The logger can be powered by the provided rechargeable lithium battery pack or solar cells for use in remote locations.

Our Rain Gauges are designed for measuring rainfall in any location that has at least 9 feet above obstruction. With their flexible features, you can use the sensors in any environment to collect data. This makes the Rain Gauges ideal for research, data-logging, farming, meteorology, soil moisture measurement, and environmental monitoring. The newly added memory chip provides you with the ability to save hundreds of hours of annual rainfall data accurately.