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Weather Station Networking


The purpose of this network is to provide a higher frequency of weather observations across the region. The automatic weather stations record rainfall, wind speed and direction, air temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation. These data are collected to assist with water supply planning and also for environmental monitoring. This information is also useful in drought management and bushfire activity assessment.

Our weather stations use a variety of sensors to monitor weather conditions. Most weather station networks are now capable of collecting air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation and rain data from the region as well as soil temperature from as deep as 5 metres below ground. In addition solar power is used to operate the sensor units.

Our Weather Stations Networking product line offers a solution to the problems of using a single standalone weather station to measure a vast geographical area. The Weather Stations Networking product utilizes the latest technology to rapidly transfer weather data from multiple weather stations to a centralized location. The added benefit of being able to manage this data allows for automated alerts and/or manual updates via this application. With this networking solution, you will be able to utilize one or more weather stations together.

Weather stations generate a broad range of data including temperature, humidity, solar radiation, rainfall and ultraviolet data. This is a reliable economic solution for individuals, research groups, or agricultural companies that require accurate weather data both indoor and outdoor for their decision making process. Weather Station Networking is your ultimate connection for wireless weather stations, weather station accessories and weather station software.

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