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La Crosse Technology


La Crosse Technology has been an industry leader in consumer electronics and wireless weather solutions for over twenty-five years. La Crosse Technology is your complete source for atomic timekeeping and wireless weather stations, and they are here to help you plan your day with confidence.

La Crosse is proud to announce the launch of its Technology product line in America. Featuring wireless weather stations and wireless atomic clocks, LaCrosse Technology connects people with their world by providing easy-to-read, reliable information that informs life's decisions in all four seasons. This information can be accessed in real-time through radio signals or by connecting to local internet networks.

La Crosse Technology provides wireless weather solutions with our Time Series wireless clocks, wireless thermostats, and Hydrologic Gauges. Atomic timepieces provide time with assurance for over 100 million years. With your La Crosse Technology, you'll always know what's going on outside, inside, and around the world.

La Crosse Technology created a wireless weather station that delivers a comprehensive reading of a given location's temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, humidity, cloud cover, and rainfall totals. The included base unit sends wireless readings to the outdoor temperature and humidity sensor, providing complete local weather information two times a day. The system accommodates up to three additional sensors for an incredible range of versatility.