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Heat Stress Meters

The Heat Stress Meter is a portable, easy to use, data logging infrared thermometer. For instance, we carry a pivot-mounted non-contact heat stress thermometer which works by calculating the temperature through thermal radiation which is emitted by all objects. It then calculates the rates of heat gain or loss based on this temperature reading. The heat stress meter, if exposed to direct sunlight, can quickly calculate the temperature build up on clothing producing an accurate measure of heat stress. By combining this with other ambient conditions, the heat stress meter excels in determining an accurate calculation on how hot it feels in any given environment.

The heat stress meter along with the wet bulb globe thermometer detect and classify temperature in relation to the amount of moisture content. The global standard description for heat stress is the WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index), which is commonly used by our heat stress meters to measure heat stress.