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The Best LaCrosse Weather Radios by

The Best LaCrosse Weather Radios

LaCrosse Technology weather devices have been featured on Good Morning America, The View, The Early Show, CBS This Morning and many other programs for their usefulness. If you are looking for indoor or outdoor weather stations, data loggers to measure temperature and humidity in the home or workplace, wind speed and direction, alarms/alerts, barometers, wireless remote sensors, weather forecasts, weather maps and much more then you will want to check out the LaCrosse Technology Ltd.

Are Weather Radios Obsolete?

Most people think of a NOAA or “weather” radio as one of those old fashioned radios that you might find under your grandmother's kitchen cabinet. To some degree that's true, but with modern technology, it is now possible to receive National Weather Service (NWS) alerts on your cell phone, tablet, or computer. However, if all power is lost or you can't get outside, a portable NOAA radio will be the only way to receive life-saving weather alerts.


In the event of a severe storm, a lightning strike, or a tornado, it may be difficult to get accurate information through your television, smartphone, or computer. In these situations, a NOAA weather radio can provide you with up-to-the minute reports that could save you and your family.

A certified weather radio can save your life during a devastating environmental emergency, but you need to be informed on how to use it. Understanding which one is best suited for your family is also important.

NOAA Weather Radio Emergency Preparedness

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that for every person that dies as a direct result of a hurricane, more than 50 people die from its indirect effects. Weather alert radios with battery back-up power are the clear winner in emergency preparedness. These battery backup alert radios are the only way to make certain you’ll be able to hear critical information about worsening storms or other emergencies. With today’s variety of styles, designs, prices and special features, it’s easy to find the right one for your family. For instance, digitally tuned weather channels detect weak signals which can be picked up by your weather radios even during weather-related emergencies. 


Weather Alert models

These state of the art NOAA capable weather radios are specifically designed for use during any emergency. Look for models that have an audible alarm function on weather band to emit a loud tone on all bands when an alert comes in.  These Alert Radios are perfect for family members who are first responders. These emergency communication devices are designed to catch the attention of people who are in danger.


Weather Band Radios

Weather Band Radios are a great way to stay informed about the weather. The latest models have multiple bands so you can get local forecasts while travelling. Features usually include a BNC antenna for better reception, digital tuning, station search, and complete customization of each station's alarm tone so you know when to get ready for that snowstorm or tornado warning hastened by dangerous winds.


Portable or Mobile?

Desktop weather radios are a good way to stay informed during the day if you have a job where you can't be glued to your cell phone or laptop computer. Look for a model with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) that will receive alerts tailored to your exact location. Since it is on your desk, look for a model that has extended battery life and an easy-to-read display.

Weather radios can be an essential piece of equipment for hikers, campers and anyone else who spends time outdoors. Whether you’re trying to get a weather update from a local station or just want to scan the latest weather alerts, a portable weather radio is a good way to stay informed. These compact weather radio models can easily be carried in a backpack or daypack so you’ll have one handy wherever you go.


Multi-Power Weather Radios

Multi-Power weather radios are one of the best ways to stay informed after a storm. They can be powered by batteries, AC power, solar power, or hand-crank power. These weather radios are some of the most durable models and can withstand all of the elements that comes with severe weather; plus the digital display is easy to read in any light.



Thunderstorms, dark and ominous clouds that typically bring the most severe storms. Use your Weather Meter to check for sudden wind changes or drops in temperature to avoid potentially dangerous storms. This is ideal when thunderstorms are in close contact to your location, enabling you to make it to shore before lightning strikes.


LaCrosse Technology Weather Radios

LaCrosse radios are everything you've come to expect from LaCrosse. The AM, FM and NOAA Weather bands provides you with multiple ways to receive alerts, news, weather forecasts and other emergency information wherever you go. Each radio has an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, pre-programmed stations, clock, alarm timer and several other features so you'll know what's going on even before that first alert hits your smartphone or tablet. A LaCrosse NOAA weather radio is constructed especially for the outdoors with stylish rubberized black exteriors that are both durable and water resistant enough to withstand exposure to the elements.

Despite a LaCrosse radio having a small size, the all-in-one weather device has plenty of features to keep you informed and entertained no matter where you are.  It receives AM and FM signals as well as all five NOAA weather channels.  There's a built-in tri-color flashlight, hourly time signal, alarm clock, sleep timer with 90-minute Auto Off (so it won't waste battery power) and a built-in speaker for enjoying the radio without headphones.  Powered by a pair of AAA batteries (not included), the weather radio can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Our Verdict: We highly recommend LaCrosse Technology


Another Brand worth looking at:

Midland Weather Radios

From a weather emergency to a family outing, the Midland WR400 Deluxe has you covered with NOAA Weather Radio and AM/FM radio.  Plus, emergency tone alerts for its voice-activated radio function let you know if there’s an emergency nearby.

The WR400 Deluxe NOAA Weather Radio is a compact, easy-to-use radio with an emphasis on national weather broadcasts.  This weather radio can be programmed to your region with easy push buttons and has a bright LED flashlight and S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology to send urgent alerts such as severe thunderstorm warnings.  The Midland WR400 Deluxe NOAA Weather Radio is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and is made with durable plastics and rubber materials to last the test of time.  It has a reception range of over 50 miles and comes with an AC adapter and batteries (2x AA)

Our Verdict: You can't go wrong with the reliability of Midland Weather Radios

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