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Extra 5% OFF Everything Over $99 for TAX RETURN Sale | code: TAXRETURN5 | Expires 4/16 Midnight CST
Top 23 Gifts for Weather Lovers by

Top 23 Gifts for Weather Lovers

Are you looking for weather gift ideas for the weather forecasters and outdoor enthusiasts in your life?. We've put together a list of 23 weather lovers gift ideas for all. These Weather gifts are not just for the weather enthusiast, they are for anyone interested in the phenomenon of weather. Not matter what the occasion, a birthday, Fathers Day, or a Christmas present... We have you covered in this list.


23 Gift Ideas



1. The LaCrosse Technology S88907V2 Wireless Color Weather Station is perfect for weather enthusiasts.

The perfectly simple weather gift. The new Wireless Color Weather Station from La Crosse Technology® provides precise, real-time backyard weather station information. Introducing the all-new Indoor Comfort Meter, which keeps tabs on the relative humidity of any given space (PERFECT, UNCOMFORTABLE, HUMID, or DRY). Changing barometric pressure causes animated color forecasts with trends to change their color. Set high/low temperature alerts and keep tabs on incoming and outgoing temperature trends. Color display with adjustable brightness lets you monitor both indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.


2. The LaCrosse Technology V22-WRTHV2 Complete Personal Remote Monitoring Weather Station

In addition to wind speed, rain, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity data, daily high and low temperature recorders, dynamic forecasts icons, and a new Wi-Fi connected option, the new La Crosse View app will show you all of your sensor data.



3. LaCrosse Technology BBB86118V3 Curved Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Moon Phase

Indoor, outdoor, and as a world time clock, the Atomic Curved Wall Clock is versatile. With this atomic wall clock, you can keep track of indoor and outdoor temperatures and weather forecasts from anywhere in the world. The wide LED display allows for easy reading at any time of day or

night. A tough polycarbonate dome protects the huge LCD from moisture, dust, oil, and smear. Traditional wall clocks deliver four times the information as the LaCrosse Technology BBB86118V3 Curved Atomic Wall clock. This unusual wall clock shows you the time in 12 time zones, indoor and outdoor temperatures, calendar, alarm, lunar calendar, and trend arrows for your indoor temperature readings by combining a big indoor/outdoor temperature display with both an atomic clock and indoor/outdoor temperature.




4. Weems & Plath Porthole Desk Set

A nautical themed weather gift has timeless charm. Finished in a mahogany-finished wood stand, the Porthole Desk Set includes a brass quartz clock, a barometer, and a convenient pen rest. Because of the tarnish-resistant coating, the polished brass instruments will always seem new. This nautical set will look wonderful on any home or office desk.

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5. Maximum Inc. Harbormaster Time & Tide Clock

This could be the perfect gift for a loved one who has a holiday home on the beach. The time and tide at your favorite beach or sailing spot are easy to find with Harbormaster. It measures the 12 hr, 25 min average between waves — regardless of location — and allows you to indicate when the tide will turn with a single AA battery. With Harbormaster, a high-precision east coast tide clock, you can keep track of the tide. It allows you to keep track of the wave at your favorite coastal area, no matter where you are. The Harbormaster has been water-rated to withstand splashing and is designed to withstand tough marine situations. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and may be mounted indoors and outside. This average can be affected by changes in weather, location, and the Moon's distance from Earth. On the other hand, your Harbormaster tidal clock will provide a valuable indication of local tides over a lunar month. On an easy-to-read analog face, Harbormaster displays the current date, high tide time, height, and low tide time. On any given day, the Moon dial displays the direction of the Moon's orbit around the Earth.

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6. Weems & Plath Endurance II 135 Barometer & Thermometer

The brass Endurance II 135 Barometer/Thermometer is a combo instrument that conveniently melds barometric pressure and temperature in one area. It is light, sturdy, and lasting. The holosteric, or aneroid, barometer at the top of the amply proportioned dial monitors atmospheric pressures mechanically without liquids. Temperature compensation, total adjustment with inch and millibar scales, and calibration for elevations up to 3,500 feet above sea level are all features of this movement. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are displayed on the thermometer in the lower half of the dial. This porthole-style instrument is impervious to the elements and will never tarnish.

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7. Weems & Plath Weems PRO 7 x 50 Binoculars

Another perfect gift idea for the Outdoor enthusiast. The Weems PRO 7x50 binoculars come with a long list of features aimed at professional sailors and seafarers. They're built to military criteria for exceptional optical performance and endurance, and they prove their worth at twilight and dawn by giving great resolution and brightness. These amazing binoculars include flat field lenses that deliver great edge-to-edge sharpness and optimal eye relief, resulting in superb image quality even when wearing glasses. The Weems PRO binoculars are the ideal companion when the going gets tough, thanks to their strong rubber-armored casing for a non-slip grip and shock and water resistance.

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8. Weems & Plath Weather Pillar

The best gifts are timeless and enchanting. The Weather Pillar is a meticulously recreated duplicate of an instrument first introduced by LUFFT in Germany in the 1940s. It was recently displayed as a marvel in manufacturing at a German industry expo, where it was hand constructed and produced by FISCHER. This one-of-a-kind item includes four vital instruments for determining weather in a cleverly constructed cylinder composed of glass and polished brass. A drum-shaped aneroid barometer monitors atmospheric pressure at the base.

By moving the knurling ring and placing the black needle over the red indicator, you can track variations in barometric pressure. The compass is built into the top of the pillar, while the bimetallic thermometer and hygrometer are positioned in the glass tube above. Each instrument is handcrafted and given a different serial number. The serial number is inscribed on a brass plate fastened under the black Beech wood base, along with an explanation table with useful meteorological facts. This carefully calibrated gadget allows you to keep track of all aspects of the environment in one spot. Stainless steel & glass enclosure.

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9. Maximum Maestro Wind Speed Meter and Direction Dial MAAC

The Maestro is a one-of-a-kind device that will help you better comprehend wind, regardless of how tall your tower is. The Maestro Wind Meter from Maximum Weather Instruments is the highest-quality, most accurate wind meter on the market. The Maximum Maestro Wind Meter is simple on any pitch roof or tower and provides wind speed and direction information. Our data is derived from measurements taken with a calibrated anemometer and our proprietary Remote Sensor Technology TM. What is the mechanism behind it? Easy! Connect the Maestro to the provided base station receiver and push the calibrate button. The Remote Sensor Technology TM will calculate your wind sensor's appropriate pitch angle and then automatically adjust the unit for maximum accuracy. Instead of guessing what threats the wind may bring, you'll have a handy device that provides information that can help you better your service.

For homeowners, telecoms, cable TV companies, security, airports, flagpoles, and any other application where wind direction and speed are critical, Maestro is the ideal outside solution.



10. Weems & Plath U.S. Navy Chrome Plated Atlantis Quartz Ship's Bell Clock - #7 Emblem

The official #7 U.S. Navy symbol is printed in full color on the face of this legally licensed United States Navy Chrome-Plated Quartz Ship's Bell Clock. The border is navy blue, with black numbers and gold stars. It is customized to your specifications. Please give us a week to complete your order.

The Atlantis Quartz Ship's Bell Clock is our most traditional ship's clock, striking every half hour in the classic ship's 8-bell cycle. The screwed bezel gives easy access to the German quartz bell movement and suppressor switch when the item is mounted. The clock casing is made of solid, forged brass that has been hand-polished and lacquered to perfection. When attached to the bulkhead of your boat or when exhibited on one of our mahogany finished clock bases, this quartz ship's bell clock is a lovely addition to any business or home (100B or 101B, sold separately).



11. Maximum Inc. Proteus Barometer

If you want to take weather tracking and observation to the next level, Proteus is a truly scientific-grade tool. It's a temperature-compensated aneroid barometer of the best quality.

The French gauge movement has a standard deviation of 0.08′′ Hg and is temperature adjusted to -10 degrees F/-23 degrees C. The full-sized barometer mechanism is visible via the dial window cutaway, protected from dust and scratches by an optional cloth encasement.

You will be proud to show this instrument in your home or business because of its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. It's also a fantastic asset to any classroom or laboratory.

Generations of sailors have shown the barometer to be an accurate weather forecaster for over 200 years. The weather will do next by the direction, speed, and duration of pressure fluctuations. A barometer's fall and rises tell what's going on far upwind and downwind of your position.







12. Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator, CCWS

Know how strong the wind is at a look! A spinning cup wheel mounted on your roof or on your boat's mast uses free wind energy to register every gust of wind in real-time. The highly polished brass dial's attractive and exquisite spun silver face properly displays the wind speed from 0 to 100 mph (0 - 160 kph). The tough rooftop transmitter is a marine-grade aluminum alloy for years of trouble-free use. It's exciting and engaging for the whole family to watch a storm pass by! Easy owner installation, includes a 6" diameter dial, all connections, and hardware! Limited warranty of ten years. A.C.-powered Peak Gust Register is also available, displaying the maximum gust when a little button at the top of the dial is pressed.



13. Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction, Navy Blue with "Tru-Gust", 3035B

With a traditional appearance, this wind speed and direction gauge blends in seamlessly with any décor. Only the stem rotates in regular operation because the top-mounted controls are protected from the outdoors. The gauge-type machine has a silver bezel and a black face with a meteorological sign. The watch has a solid brass casing and a waterproof dial with a double gasket for weather resistance. The 6" combination wind speed and direction displays from "DownEast Wind & Weather" are mechanically tied to a computerized weather station that measures the maximum wind gust, highest sustained winds, lowest pressure, rainfall totals, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and dew point. Each "Tru-Gust" model records the maximum wind speed ever measured. This is significant because the generally believed belief that Cape Cod is always windy is incorrect.

The Wind Speed & Direction instrument's distinctive single-dial design makes it simple to read from the helm. The knob is smooth to spin and has orange lighting for visibility at night. Wind Speed & Direction is a must-have accessory for all boaters, measuring wind speeds up to 120 miles per hour (130 knots). Each year, roughly 60 days with winds above 10 knots (13+ mph) are averaged; those with winds over 20 knots (26+ mph) are averaged.

This wind speed and direction gauge is ideal for studying the weather on your back deck, sailing with transient sailors, determining the wind speed required for your forthcoming kite-flying event, or bird watching (birds enjoy soaring in strong winds).


14. LaCrosse Technology 616-146AV3 Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor Temp and Moon Phase

The Atomic Projection Alarm Clock by La Crosse Technology projects time and temperature on your wall or ceiling. While charging your smartphone or another device with the embedded USB charging port, monitor interior temperature, track temperature trends, and enjoy the added moon phase tracker.

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15. Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator with "Peak Gust" Upgrade, CCWSP

Know how strong the wind is at a look! A spinning cup wheel mounted on your roof or on the mast of your boat uses free wind energy to register every gust of wind in real time. The highly polished brass dial's attractive and exquisite spun silver face properly displays the wind speed from 0 to 100 mph (0 - 160 kph). The tough rooftop transmitter is made of a marine-grade aluminum alloy for years of trouble-free use. When you click a little button at the top of the clock, the A.C.-powered Peak Gust Register captures the highest gust and displays it. It's exciting and interesting for the whole family to watch a storm pass by! For easy owner installation, includes a 6" diameter dial, all connections, and hardware!

The Cape Cod Wind Speed Indicator with Peak Gust can be installed on a waterfront home, yacht, condo building, ski resort lodge, or anywhere else where you want to know how strong the wind is blowing!

Limited warranty of ten years.






16. Downeaster 'The Wave' 3088 Tide Clock weather gift

Tide clocks have been used to estimate tides around the shores of Cape Cod, New England, for millennia. Joe DeCrescente, a wind and weather artist, has created a new tidal clock concept that is a long cry from the original devices. A single magnet rotates a disc in proportion to the moon's gravitational pull on the Earth's oceans in 'The Wave,' replicating two high and two low tides every day. Watch as 'The Wave' pulses back and forth to show you the tides as you flip the switch. The central disc rotates at a pace of one lunar second every pulse to replicate the ocean's tides. Hand-turned screws simulate the natural ebb and flow of ocean tides. Our 8" brass tide clock is nautically gorgeous yet functional, wonderfully capturing the cycle of the tides. All fishermen, boaters, and nature lovers should have this book! A single AA battery powers the device.






17. Maximum Inc. Mini-Max Temperature Meter

It is critical that you are at ease. Mini-Max has you covered whether you want to dress for today's weather or want to know about yesterday's temperature extremes. An external sensor feeds data to the interior display of a remote-reading thermometer. The Mini-Max has an electronic memory that saves high and low readings until they are manually reset. Provides Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements, as well as a temperature minder that allows you to mark the current temperature and notice any changes.

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18. Weems & Plath Admiral Quartz Clock 290500, Brass

The Admiral Quartz Clock is a traditional marine timepiece made of solid, forged brass that has been hand-polished and lacquered to perfection. Admiral instruments have a small design and a wide, easy-to-read dial with a screw bezel that enables for easy adjustment of components.

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19. Downeaster Wind Speed With Peak Gust White Dial – Polished Brass Case 3005

This gorgeous, hand-crafted nautical barometer would look great in any setting. In the ornate silver face and highly polished, solid brass, 6" diameter dial, the precise, German-made aneroid movement is intriguingly exposed to view. At elevations of up to 2,000 feet, the temperature-compensated movement is effective. Installation is as simple as hanging a picture because no external apparatus or wiring is required.





20. Weems & Plath Endurance 125 Time & Tide Clock 530300 540301

 The Endurance 125 Time and Tidal Clock is brass and contains a quartz time and tide mechanism. The Atlantic lunar tide cycle is averaged in the tide sector. This large-size instrument is one of our most popular because of its easy-to-read dial, maintenance-free finish, and splash-resistant construction. This time and tide clock, part of the Endurance Collection, has an ultra-hard finish that will never tarnish.

The innovative Slide-n-Lock Mounting System eliminates visible mounting screws and readily removes battery replacement and adjustments.






21. Maximum Inc. Maestro Wind Meter 0-100 MPH (0-160 KM/H)

You can simply and accurately measure wind speed and direction with the Maestro Wind Meter, which has a simple and stylish display. The file is updated every 3 seconds with the most recent measurement recorded during that period of time, thanks to an automated 3-second averaging process. The wind direction values are displayed on the eight red LEDs. Maestro is the solution for real-time wind speed, direction, and high wind gust data. It allows you to keep track of the wind in a classic, elegant manner. The wind speed is shown in miles per hour (mph) and kilometers per hour (km/h). Eight red LEDs indicate the direction of the wind. The rooftop wind speed sensor powers the wind speed, while the accompanying AC adapter powers the direction LEDs. Non-volatile memory stores depth, wind direction, and time, as well as the strongest wind gust. For viewing, the Maestro will switch its display between these values. To 500 feet, depth data is kept in integer format. Our innovative Gust Register saves the strongest gust of wind, allowing you to keep track of how strong the wind was even if you weren't present at the time. The rooftop wind speed sensor's sturdy design will withstand even the toughest weather conditions, making it perfect for usage on flat rooftops. Our extra clamp can be used to secure it to an eave or wall.


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22. Weems & Plath Weather Station 721700

This classic marine weather station is ideal for any boater or outdoor enthusiast who wants to keep an eye on the weather at all times. This attractive set shows the time as well as three important meteorological variables: air pressure, air temperature, and relative humidity. A lovely solid mahogany plaque holds three instruments. A quartz clock, barometer, and comfort meter (thermometer/hygrometer combination) are among the dependable German-made gadgets. The plaque can be hung vertically or horizontally on the wall of a home, office, or boat's bulkhead.

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23.Bey-Berk Tide Clock on 9" Cherry Wood with Brass Bezel WS077

The Bey-Berk 9" Olde World Barometer is a unique way to track the weather. Its brass bezel creates a decorative element to the piece, and the solid cherry wood frame will look great in any home. This barometer is a functional collectible that adds a touch of character to any room.
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