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Navy Boot Camp Graduation Gifts Guide by Weather Scientific

Navy Boot Camp Graduation Gifts Guide

What is the Navy Boot Camp Graduation?

The Navy Boot Camp Graduation ceremony is a very proud day, which many families would love to attend for newly enlisted sailor personnel. Boot camp is a difficult training with transitory experience, and the graduation ceremony is the culmination of all efforts and hard work that a sailor put forth to prove himself ready to take on the challenges of life in the United States Navy (USNA).

To a newly enlisted sailor personnel, the USNA Boot Camp Graduation ceremony is a momentous day in the USNA marking the graduating recruit transition from a training recruit to a Sailor.

You can watch the live streaming of the USNA recruit training command graduation on their Facebook or other media platforms. If you plan to attend the recruit training command event in person, you can fly to the closet airport, O'Hare International Airport and then connect to ground transportation for this trip.

A Gift After Navy Boot Camp Graduation Ceremony

The USNA is a respectable and prestige military department responsible for defending this country. It is a very proud and special moment when someone you know graduates from the USNA Academy boot camp and dedicates his or her life to pursue and accept the country's mission, service and defense. Many of you would like to cherish their success and present a perfect graduation gift to them after the USNA boot camp graduation ceremony.

Presenting graduation gifts to your loved ones, family members during or right after boot camp graduations shows them the warmth and affection you hold in your heart. If this gift aligns to their passion and profession, it enhances the special meaning and relevancy of the gift.  Gifts are one of the most adorable ways to express emotions. Graduation gifts, especially, can express your heartfelt feelings in a unique, special way that words cannot do for the once-a-lifetime graduations and occasional events.

In this gift guide blog post, we search for and recommend the best gifts for a USNA military graduate. Your chosen graduation gift will be the best of all to help your newly graduating recruit in his or her future military career.

Here are 16 Perfect Gift Ideas for a Sailor's Graduation:

Weems & Plath DHR Electric Trawler Lamp, 8201/E. Contact Weather Scientific for details.

1. Weems & Plath DHR Electric Trawler Lamp, 8201/E

The DHR Electric Trawler is a gorgeous handmade lamp made based on commercial standards. It is a solid brass electric lamp with a polished and lacquered finish.  It has white stove enamel inside. The exotic design of the bulb can enhance the interior of any ship cabin. This handmade electric trawler lamp looks amazing with multiple installation options. It can independently stand on a table or be hung to a ceiling or on the wall with a hook.

Features We Love:

  • Premium quality solid brass

  • Gorgeously polished and lacquer finish

  • Works on 110V 

  • Electricity requirement 100 Watt 

  • Made in Holland

  • Two-year warranty


Weems & Plath Endurance II 135 Open Dial Barometer. Contact Weather Scientific for complete details.

2. Weems & Plath Endurance II 135 Open Dial Barometer, Brass or Chrome

Weems & Plath Endurance II 135 Open Dial Barometer helps check the atmospheric pressure.  It works without the use of liquids or any complicated mechanism.  This brass barometer is light in weight but strong and durable. The movement in this generously sized barometer is temperature compensated, fully adjustable with inch and millibar scales, and calibrated for altitudes up to 3500 feet above sea level.  Note that the instructions are included in the packaging for better understanding.  The chrome plating makes the barometer weather-resistant and rust-proof. 

Features We Love:

  • Brass and Chrome plated

  • Beveled crystal glass

  • Weather-resistant

  • Temperature-compensated

  • Wall mount hardware included

  • Lifetime warranty


Weems & Plath Mariner's Stormglass 205.  Visit for support.

3. Weems & Plath Mariner's Stormglass 205

The Mariner's storm glass predicts the weather for up to 48 hours.  It consists of solid brass caps and a crystal glass container.  The change in the atmosphere affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube.  The early prediction helps support the sailor to take necessary measures and account for extreme weather effects.  Please note to avoid placing the stormglass in extreme heat or direct sunlight.

An Alchemist scientist invented the first stormglass for Italian sailors in 1750.

Features We Love:

  • Top-quality solid brass caps

  • Sealed glass tube containing mystery chemicals

  • Crystals precipitate in unique formations 

  • Weather prediction up to 48 hours


Weems & Plath Brass Chrome Stormglass & Plaque Set 200SET.  Call Weather Scientific for service.

4. Weems & Plath Brass or Chrome Stormglass & Plaque Set 200SET

Weems and Plath sets new standards in the unique and premium quality naval instruments.  The brass or chrome storm glass and plaque is a perfect gift set you search for the graduation of the new navy recruits.  A polished reservoir holds liquids with dramatic crystals and liquid suspension to show upcoming conditions and clear out possible reflections.  An antique brass cylinder works as the base that easily mounts onto the wood and brass/chrome plaque. This plaque can stand free or be wall-mounted.  This Brass or Chrome stormglass can predict extreme weather conditions and storms for up to 48 hours.

Features We Love:

  • Sealed glass container including mystery chemicals

  • Polished brass or chrome cylinder

  • Wood plaque with an engraved brass for customization

  • Weather Prediction up to 48 hours


Email for more comments and complete services on Weems' Porthole Weather Center 312800

5. Weems & Plath Porthole Weather Center 312800

The Porthole weather center is a great tool for keeping an eye on changing weather.  It is simple and great to understand without any complicated functionality. It has three instruments, including a quartz clock, a barometer, and a comfort meter.  The instruments have high-quality brass finishes to avoid tarnish or rusting.  They are installed on a dark mahogany-finished solid wood piece. 

You can place this Porthole weather center on a desk or mount it on the wall.

Features We Adore:

  • Three instruments, a quartz clock, barometer, comfort meter

  • Solid wooden base

  • Both horizontal placement stand and wall mount 

  • Optional custom engraving

  • Lifetime warranty


Note--email if interested in Weems' Endurance II 105 Open Dial Barometer

6. Weems & Plath Chrome & Brass Endurance II 105 Open Dial Barometer

Weems & Plath Endurance II 105 Open Dial Barometer helps check the atmospheric pressure.  It works without the use of liquids or any complicated mechanism.  This brass barometer is light in weight but strong and durable. The movement in this generously sized barometer is temperature compensated, fully adjustable with inch and millibar scales, and calibrated for altitudes up to 3500 feet above sea level. The instructions included in the packaging offer better explanations.  Extra chrome plating makes the barometer weather-resistant and rust-proof. 

Features We Adore:

  • Brass or Chrome plated

  • Beveled crystal glass

  • Weather-resistant

  • Temperature-compensated

  • Wall mount hardware included

  • Lifetime warranty


Call Weather Scientific for more options on the Bey-Berk SS552 Porthole Quartz Striking Bell Clock

7. Bey-Berk Lacquered Brass Porthole Quartz Striking Bell Clock on Mahogany Wood SS552

Bey-Berk lacquered brass porthole quartz striking bell clock looks gorgeous. The high-quality mahogany finish on solid wood enhances the worth of the bell. The brass finish porthole makes this clock an ancient statement piece for your office and ship.

This is one of the best gifts for a navy graduate.  The antique and classic design makes it one of the best striking bell clocks.

Features We Like:

  • High-quality Mahogany wood

  • Brass finish porthole

  • Striking bell

  • Counts the hours

  • On & Off switch for the bell


8. Weems & Plath 12" Chrome Bell with Monkey's Fist Lanyard 12000C

The handcrafted Chrome Bell looks breathtakingly gorgeous with its exotic finish and structure.  The bell sounds pleasing to the ears with a cheering sound.  The high copper content makes the bell stronger than the other available in the market.  The blue, hand-tied, monkey fist lanyard adds a nautical flare as the finishing touch. The bell has detachable wall mounting brackets which allow it to be kept in storage when not in use.

The chrome-plated brass bell has a crystal finish.  It looks stunning with a blue monkey fist lanyard.

Product Features We Love:

  • Polished chrome-plated cast brass

  • Sturdy chrome slide-in mounting bracket

  • Blue, hand-tied, monkey fist lanyard

  • RINA certification documents included

  • Handmade in Italy

  • Lifetime warranty


For additional information on the USNA 6" Brass Bell Mahogany Plaque #8 Emblem, call Weather Scientific for services.

9. Weems & Plath US Navy 6" Brass Bell on 9x12" High Gloss Mahogany Plaque #8 Emblem

This Weems & Plath Brass bell is one of the best gifts for the US navy officer. This bell has a unique design featuring the USNA emblem. The mirror finish bell has mounted on a mahogany-finished plaque. The company offers to personalize the plaque with engraved text to make it more personal, unique and precious.  The hand-knot white monkey fist lanyard enhances the appearance of the bell.

Product Features We Like:

  • Rich mahogany finished wood plaque 

  • Brass plated bell

  • US Navy emblem printed on wood

  • Made in Italy

  • White monkey-fist lanyard 

  • The engravable brass plate included

  • Lifetime warranty


Weather Scientific Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction, US Navy Blue with "Tru-Gust" 3035B

10. Downeaster Wind Speed & Direction, USNA Blue with "Tru-Gust" 3035B

This Downeaster 2-in-1 Wind Speed and Direction will be loved by everyone without any doubt.  It has a sturdy solid brass case with a dial, which can be mechanically hitched to a weather station. It has a backlight for convenient night use. The Wind Speed & Direction measures wind speeds up to 120 miles per hour and is an indispensable addition for all boaters.

Product Features We Like:

  • Sturdy solid brass case

  • Waterproof dial

  • backlight for night use



11. Weems & Plath Elegant Log Book Cover w/ Engravable Plate

This Elegant logbook cover is a perfect gift for a USNA recruit who needs to protect and display their ship logbook. The cover protects the records written on the log. The polished brass plate on the front is reversible to provide flexibility to the owner.  On one side of the brass plate, it is engraved with the words, "Ship's Log." The other side of the plate is blank and ready for custom engraving with the recruit 's name.


Product Features We Love:

  • USNA blue leather-like vinyl cover

  • The reversible brass plate slides into the cover pocket

  • Brass corners

  • Pen loop

  • Ballpoint pen included


Weather Scientific Cape Cod Wind & Weather Marine Barometer, CCMB Cape Cod Instruments

12. Cape Cod Wind & Weather Marine Barometer, CCMB

Cape Cod Wind & Weather proudly offers this premium, exquisitely crafted marine barometer. This precision instrument is an investment in your home's value. Anchor your décor with this handsome, hand-crafted marine barometer. The movement can be seen through the glass front, attached to the decorative silver faceplate. The dial faceplate is highly polished stainless steel, with stainless steel knurled screws.

And with an antique-style finish, decorative spoked bar, and protective glass covering, this handsomely designed barometer is an elegant nod to the past.

Unique Product Features:

  • Hand Crafted Marine Barometer

  • Precision quartz movement

  • Hand-assembled in the USA

  • Ten-Year Limited Warranty


Weather Scientific Weems & Plath Tamaya Gold-Plated Sextant TAM2 with 4x40 Scope in Wooden Case Weems & Plath

13. Weems & Plath Tamaya Gold-Plated Sextant TAM2 with 4x40 Scope in Wooden Case

This fully functioning gold-plated sextant was created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first sextant made in Japan in 1913. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum alloy that is coated with corrosion resistant gold-plating. A stunning piece, that is perfect as a commemorative gift for any mariner or leader navigating their way to success. Housed in a sleek wooden box with brass hardware and dovetailed wood joints, this sextant is not just a pretty object.

It’s a working navigation tool with an arc that reads from -5 degrees to 125 degrees and a radius of 162 mm. Custom personalization is available on box.

Product Features We Love:

  • Telescope: Galilean 4x40mm
  • Micrometer Drum: Vernier reads to 0’.2
  • Index Mirror: 57x42mm rectangle
  • Horizon Mirror: 57mm diameter circular
  • Shade Glass: 4 for index mirror, 3 for horizon mirror
  • Packaging: wooden box with brass hardware


    Weather Scientific Weems & Plath Anniversary Quartz Ship's Bell Clock 100175 Weems & Plath

    14. Weems & Plath Anniversary Quartz Ship's Bell Clock 100175

    The Anniversary Quartz Ship’s Bell Clock is a robust clock that resonates with the rich sound of the traditional ship’s bell, ringing every half hour. The precision quartz ship’s bell movement (with bell silencer switch) is housed in a solid forged brass case that is hand-polished and flawlessly lacquered.

    The distinctive dial is intricately etched to create a rich and subtle pattern. Each Anniversary Quartz Ship’s Bell Clock is marked with a unique serial number. When placed in the Anniversary Wood Base (107B), the clock is a stunning addition to any home mantelpiece.

    Product Features:

    • Traditional ship's 8-bell cycle, rings every half hour
    • Push-button hinged bezel for easy adjustments
    • Precision quartz ship's bell movement with bell silencer switch
    • Solid, forged brass case, hand-polished & lacquered
    • Unique serial number
    • Hand-assembled in USA
    • Includes AA battery, instructions & mounting hardware
    • Optional Mahogany wood base available separately (107B)
    • Two year warranty


      15. Bey-Berk Lacquered Brass Oval Porthole Quartz Tide and Time Clocks, Thermometer, and Hygrometer on Mahogany Wood SQB579

      The Bey-Berk Lacquered brass oval Porthole is a quartz time and tidal clock, a thermometer, and a hygrometer all in one base. The mahogany wood base looks lavishing with uniform white dials. It shows the temperature in both Fahrenheit and celsius. 

      This Oval Porthole an enhance the interior of any office or home with a simple and elegant appearance.  It is one of the best gifts for the USNA graduates.  It will help them in their professional carrier while traveling on a ship.

      Product Features We Like:

      • Mahogany wood

      • Quartz clock & tide clock

      • Thermometer

      • Hygrometer

      • Fahrenheit and Celsius calibration 


      16. The Nautical Almanac 1981

      The Data in the book "The Nautical Almanac 1981" is no longer valid for navigation in the navy.  But this book is part of the course for many training programs. These programs include United States Coast Guard (USCG) and USNA.  It is written in print to teach celestial navigation examples from 1981. USCG license exams require data from this book. If a USNA graduate plans to start the USCG training program, this book can help him or her better prepare for exams.

      Books play a vital role in the success of a person. No other gift could be better than a book for a knowledge seeker.

      Product Features:

      • Premium quality paper and printing

      • Must for USCG license exams

      • 314 pages

      • Printed and distributed by Starpath Publications


      Our Final Thoughts

      All of our recommended gifts for Navy graduates are best in quality and functionality. They are the most thoughtful gifts a military recruit training command graduate can expect to receive from his or her loved ones.

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