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Enjoy 8% OFF Everything for Memorial Day Sale | code: GOODMEMORIAL | Expires 5/29 Midnight CST

Tabic Clocks Handmade Prestige Moon Phase Clock in Chrome on an English Oak Wall Mount


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Prestige Moon Phase Clock With a Jet Black Dial Mounted on a Solid English Oak Wall Mount

This is a very substantial hand finished product, it has been made and finished to the highest standards. The clock faces are original inserts with enamelled front, convex glass and moon phase discs in set positions. The mounting is 1st quality clear lacquered English Oak.

The beauty of this clock is in its simplicity. A six inch Brass shell is plated with Chrome, a glass front and then mounted on an Oak frame. There are a few Moonclock makers but none use the same materials. So if you want the best then why accept second best.

This clock has been hand made using precision engineering and is fitted with a high quality quartz movement. The time and moon phase are easily viewed through the front glass aperture. The clock is supplied with full instructions and information on Moon Phases.

A Lunar clock will show the phase of the moon for a given date and time, ie. The Moon is at a new phase (New Moon) only when it is exactly between the Earth and the Sun.

When this happens, the side of the Moon that faces us is not receiving any direct sunlight and so it is completely dark to us on Earth. The 25 1/4 hour lunar day explains why over several nights, when you look up in the same location in the sky around the same time, the Moon has moved to a slightly different position amongst stars.

This movement is caused by the fact that we are spinning around our axis but also orbiting around sun at same time (1 orbit per year).


Overall Dimensions 205mm Diameter. 75mm Depth. ans a 1.5mm thick brass case.


(beware of light weight imitations)


Please Note.

There are a lot of variables to take into account when tracking the moons orbit of approx. (never exactly) 29.53 days, so the clock may need adjustment.


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