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The Cape Cod Tide Clocks by Weather Scientific

The Cape Cod Tide Clock: Keeping Track of Tides Since 1883

A locally manufactured in New England Cape Cod clock from the Cape Cod line is more than just a functional piece of art; its a piece of cape cod history that you can own and cherish for years to come. A precision movement cape cod tide clock is the perfect addition to any home, and makes a great gift for the cape cod lover in your life.

If you're already a fan of the cape cod tide clock, then you will know that it's been keeping track of tides since 1883. 


How does a Tide Clock work?

This is a type of clock that is used to predict the tide. They have been used for centuries by fishermen and captains to help them plan their activities around the tide. There are two types of tide clock: an analemmatic clock and a gravitation clock.

An analemmatic clock uses the position of the sun to predict the tide, while a gravitation tide clock uses the gravitational pull of the moon to predict the tide. Most use a simple pendulum to keep track of time. The pendulum is connected to a gear train that turns the hands of the clock.

As the tide changes, so does the amount of water that is moving past the Pendulum. This change in water level causes the Pendulum to swing at a different rate, which turns the hands of the clock at a different rate.

The tide clock can be set to any particular tide, and will then keep track of that tide for you. Tide clocks are a great way to keep track of the tides, and can be a valuable tool for anyone who needs to know when high tide is.


Are Cape Cod clocks accurate?

For the most part, yes. Tide clocks are designed to predict the times of high and low tides. To do this, they use a mathematical model that takes into account the position of the moon and the sun relative to the earth.

This model is generally quite accurate, but it can be thrown off by factors such as weather and barometric pressure


Two Featured Cape Cod Tide Clocks


Cape Cod Wind & Weather Cape Codder Clock CCCT

With it's brushed silver face The Cape Codder Clock is a unique weather clock with a solid brass case that not only tells time with is atlantic coast tide hand, but also monitors wind speed and direction, as well as tide information with its precision quartz movement. The Cape Codder Clock is perfect for Cape Cod weather enthusiasts or anyone who loves spending time outdoors and makes a great addition to any environment.

Powered by a single aa battery The clock has a durable metal housing that is built to withstand the elements, along with a solid brass case and the large display is easy to read, even from a distance.

The Cape Codder Clock is a must-have for anyone who wants to keep track of the Cape's ever-changing weather patterns and includes a mantle stand.


< Our Take on the Cape Cod Tide Clock >

 If you're looking for a stylish and functional Cape Cod tide -themed clock with a silver face, the Cape Codder Clock with Tide Hand is a great option. The Tide Hand is really cool, and it's great to have the weather right at your fingertips. I was a little worried that the wind direction might not be very accurate, but it seems to be pretty spot-on

View the Cape Cod CCCT 



Cape Cod Wind & Weather Cape Codder Clock, CCCC

The Cape Codder Clock is a unique and interesting clock that can be found in many homes on Cape Cod. This clock is named after the codfish, which is an important part of the cape's history and economy. The clock represents the passage of time with the changing tides and seasons. It is said that the Cape Codder Clock brings good luck to those who own one.

The Cape Codder Clock, CCCC by Cape Cod Wind & Weather is a beautiful, nautical-themed timepiece that is perfect for your home or office powered by a single aa battery. This decorative clock features a Weathered Wood finish and distressed metal hands and accents. It operates on one AA battery (not included).


Our Take

The Cape Codder Clock, CCCC with its solid brass case makes a great gift for anyone who loves the coast of New England. It would also be perfect for a beach house, cottage, or any other location with a coastal theme.

View the Cape Cod CCCC


Now that you know a little bit more about Cape Cod tide clock, we hope you'll consider adding one to your collection! They make a great addition to any home or marine environment, and is sure to be a conversation starter.

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