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Monitor rainfall at the comfort of your home or office with the RainWise 803-1001 Wired Rain Gauge

Imagine waking up on a rainy morning and you know how much rain fell.

You jumped out of bed and next thing you do is to check your rain gauge.

You can quickly monitor if there’s too much rainfall so you can update people on the low-lying areas.

You helped them keep updated with proper rainfall data

That means you can warn and remind them to protect their lives and properties for any sudden weather emergencies.

Thanks to your RainWise 803-1001 Wired Rain Gauge, you can now gauge the rainfall amount while you’re relaxing.


How does the RainWise 803-1001 Wired Rain Gauge let you monitor rainfall at your own place?

With a single display, this wired tipping bucket rain gauge gives up to 9.99” of rain before it empties itself.

That means, now you can easily monitor rainfall even if you’re sitting comfortably on a chair while it’s raining.

Check the rainfall data 24/7 with this convenient self-emptying rain gauge.

Stay calm as you keep your eye on the results.


Passed the NWS specifications

You don’t need to worry about the statistical accuracy of your data.

You can rely that this 8” diameter collector passed the NWS specifications for rain gauge.

One count equal one bucket tip. And the gauge empties as every count register with the indoor display.

That means, with each tip of the bucket, you’ll notice the indoor LCD display it as one hundredth of an inch.

Monitor up to 9.99” of rain and you can reset the gauge to zero after every rainfall.

Stay calm knowing you get national standard compliant rain gauge for more accurate measurements.


Self-emptying rain gauge

You don’t need to pay close attention to your rain gauge.

It does the job itself as it empties itself after every tip of the bucket is transmitted and recorded on the display.

Stay relaxed knowing you don’t have to exert any effort to check the rainfall data.

A lifetime warranty guarantee

Need maintenance support for your collector?

We got you for life.

Anytime you need repairs or adjustments to your collector, give us a call and we’re happy to serve you.


Comes with 60 feet cable

You don’t have to worry about where best to put your rain gauge.

Explore your place and find the most suitable space to get the best rainfall amount.

How? With the 60 feet cable, you have more freedom to choose where you would set up your collector.

You won’t restrict your reach with this long cable for your needs.

Have peace of mind knowing you can find the most suitable place to gather enough rain for more accurate rainfall data.


Alkaline counter battery reserve

Worried about power outages? Worry no more.

The tipping bucket rain gauge coms with alkaline counter battery so you can monitor data without interruptions.

Have a more reliable data as you stay relaxed under the roof while it rains.


The RainWise 803-1001 Wired Rain Gauge is your choice for NWS standard tipping bucket rain gauge.

Get your own self-emptying wired rain gauge. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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