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5 Extreme Weather Conditions:When Nature Strikes by

5 Extreme Weather Conditions: When Nature Strikes

Nature is unpredictable. Sometimes, it can be quite beautiful and other times, it can be devastating. The unpredictability of nature makes it difficult to prepare for the various weather conditions that are out there. To make sure you are prepared for anything Mother Nature throws at you, read on to find out about 5 extreme weather conditions!


1. Hail

Hail occurs when strong updrafts carry frozen raindrops high into the atmosphere where they become supercooled and then freeze again into ice balls that fall back to earth as hailstones reaching speeds of up to 100 km per hour.


2. Lightning

Lightning can be so hot it can fuse soil and sand into glass. The average lightning bolt contains around 30,000 amps of current with a temperature hotter than the surface of the sun!


3. Tornado

Tornadoes are rotating columns or funnel clouds that form from thunderstorms during spring months in certain parts of North America including Canada and Europe where they spin over farm fields causing huge amounts of damage to crops. Generally, you cannot outrun a tornado so if you see one coming be sure to seek shelter immediately!


4. Flash Floods

Flooding occurs when there has been significant rainfall for several hours leading to overflowing bodies of water such as rivers and lakes which cause widespread inundation across large areas. This can be extremely dangerous as it will likely lead to landslides and mudflows that could bury people alive!

5. Tsunami

A tsunami occurs when a large volume of water from an ocean, lake or even another river surges onto land caused by seismic activity such as earthquakes which can cause havoc in coastal regions where they impact the coastline with tremendous force leading to huge waves capable of destroying everything in their path including homes and buildings!


You cannot predict what Mother Nature has up her sleeve but this list hopefully provides you with some insight into the various conditions one might encounter outside on any given day. Now be prepared, stay vigilant, and always prepare for this unforeseen weather circumstances!

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