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Get more precise solar irradiance data with the hand-tested RainWise 808-1005 RainWise Solar Irradiance Sensor

Imagine getting more accurate solar irradiance data like never before.

You set up your weather station at the optimal location.

You’ve made sure you only get the best weather equipment for your studies.

You stay calm and relaxed as you monitor the data.

You’ve came up with informed decisions for your solar power plant.

You’ve determined the ideal location for your solar cells before you construct an energy plant.

Thanks to your RainWise 808-1005 RainWise Solar Irradiance Sensor, you get more accurate radiation data for meteorological purposes.


How does the RainWise 808-1005 RainWise Solar Irradiance Sensor give you precise data?

This hand-tested sensor lets you monitor and record precise solar irradiance data.

Calibrated at RainWise’s own factory, you can rest assured it passed the national standards.

You don’t need to worry about the accuracy of your data.

Have peace of mind that your sensor gives you the most updated real-time data you can use.

You can now make better decisions for your meteorological studies.

You never have to waste time on unreliable sensors that doesn’t give precise data.

You’re more peaceful and focused to make plans for the transformation of your solar power plant.


Small and compact for easy use

With its small and compact build, it’s your excellent choice to add to your MK-III weather station.

You won’t need to exert extra effort to set it up.

Relax as you monitor solar irradiance with this one-of-a-kind sensor.


Remember that not all weather stations are compatible with this sensor.

Please make sure to check if this item will work on your weather station.

You would also need the appropriate expansion board.

If you have other concerns, let us know. Contact us and we’re happy to help you.


Range: 0 to 1750 W/m2
Accuracy: +/-5%
Cosine Response 45°: +/-1%
Cosine Response 75°: +/-5%
Operational Temperature: -25° to 55°C (-13° to 131°F) Resolution: 1 W/m2


The RainWise 808-1005 RainWise Solar Irradiance Sensor is your excellent choice for calibrated and precise sensor.

Get your own hand-tested sensor for more accurate data. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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