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Download rainfall data 120% faster with the new and improved RainWise 804-10 RainLog 2.0 Rainfall Data Logger

Imagine tracking the rainfall measurement faster than ever before.

You set up your rain gauge on a safe and secured place.

You place the indoor display at a convenient space.

You’re not worried about the storage and memory capacity of your rainfall data logger.

You get faster downloads you have never experienced before.

You save more time and energy so you can focus on more important tasks.

Thanks to your RainWise 804-10 RainLog 2.0 Rainfall Data Logger, you can now monitor rainfall faster without worrying about the storage.


How does the enhanced RainWise 804-10 RainLog 2.0 Rainfall Data Logger give you 120% faster data download?

With this next generation RainLog 2.0, you get a brand new processor so you can download data up to 120% faster.

You don’t have to waste your time on slower processors.

Plus, you won’t need a separate USB converter anymore.

Connect to the USB port with the mini connector so you can transfer data faster.

Stay calm and relaxed as you let the logger do the job while you do other productive tasks.


Fits most RainWise rain gauges

You don’t have to worry whether the logger will fit inside your tipping bucket rain gauge.

With its battery operation, you’ll see its compact so it fits most RainWise gauges.

Relax as you continue working on your tasks for the day.


Your data stored for years

With the RainLog 2.0, you’ll notice that rainfall is logged at a one-minute resolution.

This means you can rest assured you can get accurate data with this logger.

What’s more?

From 256kB, its flash memory is now increased to 2 MB.

You can now have more data logged at a given time without system lag.

Plus, your data is securely stored for several years so you won’t have worries.

Have peace of mind that you can refer to previous years’ data whenever you need it.


All you need is 2 AAA batteries

You won’t worry about sourcing the lithium CR2477N battery anymore.

The new compartment design allows you to use two AAA Batteries.

You can now replace the batteries with ease without hassle in the field.

And not only that. You’ll notice that an LED battery monitor will change from green to red.

That’s the time you know that there’s low battery voltage.

You can also monitor the actual battery voltage through the free RL-Loader software.

Stay calm as you have an easy power setup within your hands reach.


Protected inside and out

Built with a new and more durable case and battery compartment, you don’t have to worry about your data logger.

It’s protected from any outside forces that may damage.

Plus, the logger itself comes with a more durable conformal coating.

That way, your device is protected from any moisture so it won’t wear away easily.

Rest assured your rainfall data logger can last for years.


Free RL-Loader 2 – Software 

Compatible with Windows XP or later, you get free Windows based software package.

You can use it to collect data from the RainLog.

It configures and downloads the data so you can print it or export to Microsoft Excel.

You can choose between text or graphical format to present your data whenever you need.

With the device info window, you can see the RainLog’s time, date and amount of memory used.

Monitor the daily total or every rainfall event through the text window.

Plus, you can easily see the data through the graph window with the bar chart of total daily rainfall.

You can configure the graphing range for your convenience.


Your package choice

Collector, Mounting Post and Level Indicator ( RainLogger )

With this complete RainLogger package, you get a RainLog data logger, RL-Loader 2 software and polypropylene rain collector and mounting mast.

Calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip, you can rely on your tipping bucket rain gauge.

And you can request other calibrations you need.

Collector without Mounting ( Rainlog-Rainew )

With this RainLog data logger package, you get polypropylene rain collector, RL-Loader software and serial cable.

Only the mounting post is excluded and your tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip.

As you mount the collector, please keep in mind that the National Weather Service recommendation.

It should be 3 feet above the ground with enough drainage for the collector.

It’s because the tipping bucket empties itself through the base with two drains.


The RainWise 804-10 RainLog 2.0 Rainfall Data Logger is your complete package for faster and enhanced rainfall monitoring.

Get your own new and improved rainfall data logger. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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