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Get more accurate rainfall data even if there’s no sun in 60 days with RainWise 800-0009 Long Range MK-III Weather Station

Imagine having a reliable instrument to gather rainfall data.

You make valuable observations and you save people’s time with your weather data.

What would it feel like if you can warn people of possible flooding in an area.

You helped them prepare and protect their lives.

Thanks to your RainWise 800-0009, you can contribute to a safe environment.

You’re at ease knowing you’ve gathered relevant weather data for making informed decisions.


How does the RainWise 800-0009 Long Range MK-III Weather Station give you more accurate rainfall data?

Built with an integrated rain gauge, the RainWise 800-0009 MK-III gives you accurate data about the amount of rain in an area.

This means, you can prepare weather predictions knowing you have a reliable weather instrument.

Stay relaxed knowing you don’t have to install a separate rain gauge for your readings.

Save more time and energy to focus on giving weather updates.


At least 60 days operation even without sun

You can rest assured your weather station continues to operate below 60 degrees latitude.

How? It’s battery supply is charged under the sunlight so you don’t have to worry about power outages.

But even if the sun doesn’t shine in 60 days, you can rely on the MK III to still give you weather data.


Compact and lightweight weather station

Designed to be more durable and serviceable, you can rely on the MK-III sensor assembly.

It’s only 33 inches in height weighing just over 7 pounds. So lightweight it’s like you’re moving a table lamp.

Install it with ease while you get more accurate weather data.


Powerful long range transmission

Gather important weather data with its powerful new 2.4 GHz spectrum radio.

Collect data up to 1 mile line of sight so you can maximize the range of your weather station.

Plus, stay updated with an industry’s best real-time 2-second wind speed and direction update interval.


Compatible with receiving units

Display the readings on your computer, wall or cloud-based system with your receiving unit.

You can connect it to a CC-3000 - Data Logger, IP-100 Network Interface, TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry and Oracle Multi-Display.


Not affected with thunderstorms

You don’t need to worry about thunderstorms because your sensor isn’t connected to the power line.

Stay calm knowing that power line voltage surges won’t damage your sensor.


National standard for calibration

Have peace of mind knowing the initial sensor calibrations are from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

You get more reliable wind data, temperature readings, barometric pressure and relative humidity.


Modeled from National Weather Service

It’s built from the design inspiration of the National Weather Service.

This means your weather station mirrors a nationally accepted design.

Your humidity sensor and passive solar shield used for temperature recording follows a national standard.


High-quality and durable materials

You always want an equipment that lasts longer, right?

With the MK-III, rest assured all the sensors and weather instruments resist corrosion and weathering.

Plus, stainless steel hardware and fiberglass station makes sure you have a durable weather station.

And ultraviolet radiation doesn’t penetrate the structural PVC.

Powder-coated steel lets you use the optional Mono Mount with ease. It comes with bolts for quick and steady mounting.


The RainWise 800-0009 Long Range MK-III Weather Station is your reliable source of more accurate rainfall data.

Get your own weather station with built-in rain gauge. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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