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Make informed weather-related decisions with real-time weather data through RainWise 815-0033 TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry

Imagine having a quick access to weather data on the web like never before.

You’ve installed your wireless weather station with ease at its optimal location.

You’ve made sure to use the most efficient system for weather monitoring.

You’re ready to gather data and you want an instant, real-time weather information.

Thanks to your RainWise 815-0033 TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry, you can now access and stay updated with weather data wherever you are.


How does the RainWise 815-0033 TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry help you make informed decisions?

With this latest technology, you can now connect and access data from RainWise wireless weather stations.

You don’t have to use other device as its remote connection gives you a separate data access module.

It’s your flexible cellular telemetry unit so you can transmit weather data from the MK-III and AgroMET weather station.

It lets you upload data to the online cloud portal so you get instant access.

Plus, with , you can monitor data from other portals like the Weather Underground PWS network.

And you can easily integrate RainWise API into 3rd party sites for data collaboration.


Plug and play with ease

You won’t need any external software to operate your TeleMET II.

You don’t need a Static IP address, either.

You simply plug on the outlet and it starts to configure on its own.

It lets you monitor weather data anywhere in the world.

It supports CDMA via 2G (optional G3) Verizon Cell service for the US & GSM 3G via Micro SIM card.

That means you can keep track of the information wherever you are and whenever you need.


Log full data up to 6 months

You don’t need to worry about the storage capacity of your weather unit.

It can log full data within 6 months at 15-minute data intervals so you can keep the data longer.

With an on-board flash memory and through the on-board USB port, you can rest assured you can retrieve data easier.

Stay calm as you gather all important data for your decision-making process.


Zigbee Wireless Receiver for your convenience

Leave the job to the receiver as it coordinates all data within the RainWise MK-III weather stations.

It communicates to the RainWise MK-III family including the AgroMet Agricultural station so you can quickly gather data.

You can place it up to a mile direct-line-of-sight without obstruction from the station.

Plus, you can monitor the system health as it uploads diagnostic information.

Keep your weather monitoring in good maintenance and you’re updated with real-time data.


Your choice of power supply

You can easily choose which to use with its flexible power options.

Either you may want a standard configuration power supply (9-15V/1Amp peak).

You may also use the self-contained PV/Battery Power Pack from RainWise.

It generates power via 10Watt solar panel & a 7.5V Battery with MPP charge controller.

Or if you prefer, you can safely choose 3rd party vendors.

You have the option to use solar or wired power supply.

Relax as you can gather weather data even if one power option is not available.


2 years warranty

Whenever you need repairs, setup or maintenance of your TeleMET II, we’ve got you.

Your device is covered with 2 years warranty so you can contact us for any help.

Have peace of mind knowing you have our back to rely on any concerns with your instrument.


The RainWise 815-0033 TeleMET II Cellular Telemetry is your next generation remote connection with wireless weather station.

Get your own advanced technology cellular telemetry. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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