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RainWise Weather Station Oracle Multi-Display


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Stay updated with real-time weather data at a glance with RainWise 801-000 Weather Station Oracle Multi-Display

Imagine recording weather data as quickly as you glance at it.

You’re standing across the room and busy with your daily task.

You look for your Multi-display panel and you’re ready to make informed decisions for the day.

You’re updated with all the important weather data while you continue your work.

You don’t have to ask anyone for the weather recordings because you can read it yourself.

Even though you’re far away across the room, you can clearly see the display.

You save time and effort from going back and forth near the weather data display.

Thanks to your RainWise 801-000 Weather Station Oracle, you can now keep track of the weather even if you’re standing across the room.


How does the RainWise 801-000 Weather Station Oracle Multi-Display give you updated weather information?

With a reliable radio signal, you get real-time weather data from the MK III-LR weather station.

The Oracle Multi-Display is your convenient receiver for every parameter you need.

Like the wind direction indicator, you can also choose to display any window.

If you want to display the temperature window, you’re free to show the inside or outside temperature, dew point and wind chill.

Plus, along with the real-time data, you can see minimum and maximum values for every measurement you need.

Quickly monitor the time of occurrence when you track the wind speed.

You also get to check the relative humidity, temperature and temperature index.

Whenever you need rainfall data, you have a handy record of two different accumulations.

You can view the time and date of the last counter reset for each rainfall counter.

You won’t exert extra time and effort to know the relevant weather data for the day.

Make informed decisions for your site’s project planning and save more energy in the long run.

Stay relaxed as you know you can rely on your Oracle Multi-display.


Brighter weather data display

You don’t need to strain your eyes with typical LCD displays.

You can view this Oracle with its bright LED display even if you’re located across the room

Whether it’s dim light or normal lighting condition, you can see weather data clearly.

Stay relaxed as you make observations and inferences from your weather information.


Real-time weather information at a glance

With its multiple displays, you can glance at the weather data you need.

Choose form the different window options and you have the needed information.

Keep calm as you don’t need any other equipment to view the important data.


Wireless for many computer interfaces

Share updated weather information to anyone with another display or computer interface.

With its wireless design, you can let others connect and gather data from one weather station.

If you’re inside a school or condominium, you can let all the member units monitor the weather.

Have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to inform the people room-to-room.

Save more time and energy to do what you do best.


Convenient installation

You can place the Oracle Display on convenient wall outlet, table or desk, whichever you prefer.

If you want to mount it on a wall, you don’t have to exert extra energy.

You’re provided with keyhole slots for easier installation.

Save your time as you do more productive tasks for the day.


Brighten the display at your touch

Simply touch the button to adjust the display brightness.

You’re free to turn off any individual display you don’t want to see for some time.

Plus, you don’t need to guess the time or day. You can see it easily as it’s always visible for anyone.

Stay calm as you can monitor the weather even from a distance.


Your choice of units with simple setup

Want to display weather data in English or Metric units?

Don’t worry, we got you.

With its simple setup you can choose which parameter you want.

You can also adjust the barometric pressure for the station elevation.

It has a digital offset and a digital temperature trim for your convenience.

What’s more?

You get to see the weather station version numbers with the diagnostic mode.

And you can also monitor the battery voltage given its 24 hour high and low values.

Plus, make your data monitoring even more exciting with its received signal indicator.


    Wood: 13.0" x 6.85"

    Please note: Only compatible with other 2.4GHz RainWise equipment. Serial numbers starting with 300/320/430/420/372/373/375/376/330/340/910/600/610/440 are incompatible unless previously upgraded to 2.4GHz. If you are unsure, please contact RainWise directly at (207) 288-5169


    The RainWise 801-000 Weather Station Oracle Multi-Display is your go-to display for real-time weather data.

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