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Make your weather data accessible in real-time even without computer with RainWise 800-0011 AgroMET & IP-100 Package

Imagine having instant access to your weather data without using a computer.

You check the weather in your area.

You can easily track the important data you need for your agricultural planning and studies.

You’ve made weather predictions which helped you protect your crops from harmful environmental hazards.

Thanks to your AgroMET & IP-100 Package, you won’t have to use a computer before you can upload your weather data.


How does the RainWise 800-0011 AgroMET & IP-100 Package give instant access to your weather data?

Not only is the AgroMET & IP-100 Package your professional agricultural weather system.

It’s also your reliable data gathering tool so you can make your weather data accessible through internet with Cloud Web Hosting.

Easily upload your temperature recordings, relative humidity, leaf wetness, solar radiation, precipitation and also wind speed and direction.

With its superior technology, AgroMET Weather Station lets you keep track of your weather data in real-time.

Paired with the IP-100, you won’t need additional devices to check the weather condition in your area.

Your AgroMET Weather Station captures all the important data via radio to the IP-100.

It is then decoded and voila! your data is available on the web through™.

You don’t need a computer, just an internet connection.

You can easily access your weather data on both websites with the™ and NEWA server.

Save time and energy tracking weather for agricultural purposes.


NEWA-authorized official weather station

You can rest assured that RainWise AgroMET gives you reliable data with its national recognition.

Authorized by NEWA, you can trust this official weather station.

You don’t have to look for other brands in the market.


Easy to install

You don’t need extra effort to assemble your AgroMET weather station.

It’s factory assembled so you can install it as soon as you can.

No more time wasted, only efficient weather monitoring for a more bountiful harvest.

Stay relaxed as you keep easy track of your agricultural plans.


Up to 1 mile transmission

Place your weather station at its maximum distance so you can gather a more accurate weather data everytime.

You can transmit up to 1 mile line-of-sight to your IP-100 network interface.

Get real-time data recordings as your IP-100 unit is linked directly with the™ cloud server.


Access multiple weather data formats

With the IP-100, you can get real-time weather data according to your choice.

You can access an online data via RainwiseNet™ (Software included).

You can access data wherever you are when you purchase the RainWise iPhone or iPad app.

Or, you can join in the Network for Environmental & Weather applications (NEWA).

If it’s available in your region, you can stay updated with the latest forecasts in pest and crops.

Access NEWA for free when you go to

Please take note: You can only connect with NEWA when you purchase both the AgroMET Weather Station and the RainWise IP-100 Network Interface.


Industry best wind data update interval

Built with real time 2 second wind speed and direction update interval, you get instant accurate records.

Plus, it’s only 33 inches in height and over 7 pounds in weight.

You have a compact sensor assembly design you can easily install anywhere.

You can rest assured you have a durable weather station that gives you longer service life.

What’s more?

You can put your station at maximum of 1 mile in the line of sight.

And still get optimal weather recording with the AgroMET’s powerful 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio.

With its longer transmission range, you can transmit data like never before.


60 days minimum sunless operation

Even if there’s no sunshine within at least 60 days, you can get accurate weather data.

You can rely on its solar charged battery supply.

It operates without stop even below 60 degrees latitude.

Stay calm knowing you don’t have to worry about power outages and long weather disturbances.


Damage-free from thunderstorm

You won’t need to worry about thunderstorms and power line voltage surges.

Its sensors aren’t connected to the power line so you can continue operation

You still get weather data while your weather station is safe amidst the strong weather.


National calibration

You can rest assured you get quality results from the initial sensor calibration.

It’s traced to the National Institute of Standards and Technology for more accurate recordings.

Get temperature, wind, barometric pressure and relative humidity data from national standard.


Longer-lasting high-quality build

Built from the National Weather Service models, you get a national design for your passive solar shield.

You have an industry-standard temperature and humidity sensor with weather-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

Plus, you can rely on the stainless steel hardware of your weather station.

And the station itself is made from fiberglass with an ultra-violet resistant structural PVC.

Easy install the powder-coated steel Mono Mount (optional). It comes with bolts so you can set it up quicker and easier.


Transmit direct weather data with The IP-100 Network Interface

Access real-time weather data with the compact Rainwise IP-100 Network Interface.

You simply connect your RainWise AgroMET Weather Station to NEWA.

Make data monitoring easier with the new RainWise online cloud based data hosting and web portal, RainwiseNet™.

Get instant weather information with its unique transmission to your mobile phone.

You can check real-time weather updates via iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad RainWise apps.

Find it available through Apple iTunes or Android AP at Play Store.

You only need to register online to transmit weather data from your AgroMET Weather Station.

Check the weather easier like never before. You don’t have to sweat anymore!


The RainWise 800-0011 AgroMET & IP-100 Package is your real-time weather recording companion. Perfect for agricultural and meteorological purposes to have on-time weather predictions.

Get your own weather station and network interface package for quick weather data upload. Simply click the “Buy It Now” button today!

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