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Midland Weather Radios


Living in an area that experiences weather conditions can either be a hassle or fun enough depending on your preparation and the kind of gear you have. Here, we introduce one of the best-known yet affordable options just to keep you and your family safe should anything bad happen. Midland Weather Alert Radios are your reliable weather companions, built with different technology just to let you know if any danger will come to you and those you care for. Be on the watch of any tornado, tsunami, hurricane, or other 60+ kinds of weather emergency with this NOAA radio. 

Midland Weather Alert Radios are your real-life weather companions, helping you stay on top of potentially dangerous conditions. It's S.A.M.E. technology gives you instant alerts as soon as it senses extreme weather such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or tornadoes approaching your area, and lets you know when to take cover and where to do so. It stores 60+ types of weather announcements to ensure that nothing slips past your ears before you can react, and it operates for up to 15 hours on a single charge.

Our Midland Weather Alert radios are must-haves for any home, car, or boat. It's complete with a backlit display and tone alert features, which means you won't have to worry about heavy rainfall or a howling wind kicking up overnight. The patented S.A.M.E. EZ technology enables the radio to understand the difference between a routine condition and an impending danger, giving you peace of mind should a nearby tornado ever seem imminent. With this weather radio’s wide range of alert tones, as well as its temperature alert feature. 

Our Midland Weather Alert Radios are your reliable weather companions. Built-in localized programming, the S.A.M.E. EZ lets you prepare for 60+ kinds of weather emergencies. Be on the watch of any tornado, tsunami, hurricane, etc. with this NOAA radio. Stay safe as you get automatic warnings from the National Weather Service. Find a comfortable and protected shelter for you and your loved ones before the weather hazard comes.