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Marine Weather Stations

Withstands extreme temperatures and is built to last, the Marine Weather Station offers a reliable and accurate way to bring the weather "inside". It measures wind Speed and Direction using ultrasonic transducers. With no moving parts, it is far more durable and reliable than conventional anemometers and wind vanes. A light sensor tells you if it's day or night, and two external thermometer sensors allow you to monitor the temperature around your boat. An internal barometric pressure sensor helps provide advance warning of changing weather patterns.

Open your door to the world of boating with the Marine Weather Station. This fully electronic instrument provides real-time wind speed and direction, internal barometric pressure, as well as temperature readings. Its ultrasonic capabilities mean it requires no moving you can focus on what really matters - boat!

Having a personal Marine Weather Station is like having a professional weather station on your boat! It tells you instantly what is happening right now, no wait time. The small size makes it easy to mount above the helm, where the information is critical--and where you can see it all the time. You will always know what is happening with forecasted changes in barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, UV index, lightning strikes - so you can plan your day more accurately.

The Marine Weather Station is a must-have for the serious boater and water sports enthusiast. Fiberglass weather station features ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction sensors, Internal Temperature sensors, and Internal Pressure sensors. All instruments are located in the LCD display unit which features a Vertical Display Mode, Horizontal Display Mode and an Alarm Set Mode. This Marine Wind Station is built with high-quality components and is designed and manufactured in Canada and meets stringent marine standards for reliability and durability.

The Marine Weather Station pinpoints pressure changes, sea temperatures, water color change, and more. The built-in barometer will predict the weather with surprising accuracy! Temperature readings are accurate within 1 degree. Advanced ultrasonic technology makes reading even difficult conditions worry-free.