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Extra 7% OFF Everything Over $99 for HANUKKAH Sale | code: HAPPYHANUKKAH | Expires 12/15 Midnight CST

Commercial Weather Stations


No matter if you are an avid weather enthusiast or just trying to decide what to wear in the morning, the Commercial Weather Station is a valuable addition. Most all-in-one weather stations give you access to precise local conditions, forecasts, cloud cover and detailed reports on lightning storms that are within 300 miles.

Stay in the know with our Commercial Weather Stations. They are perfect additions to any office, classroom, lobby or dormitory, keeping you informed with weather alerts when lightning is in the area.  These Commercial Weather Stations also collect accurate barometric pressure readings through its wireless connection. Their operating systems prepare for major weather events 24/7 with real-time data that updates every minute.

The commercial-grade weather station has a broadcast range of 8 miles. It's essential for farmers, general forecasters, emergency management, and general outdoor enthusiasts who need to know the precise weather conditions, rain plus snow accumulation, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and solar radiation level on their farm or on the mountain top.The Commercial Weather Station is unique in its ability to be expandable down the road. A range of options are available including remote sensors, satellite data input/output interfaces, internet interface and the addition of a solar panel to make this weather station completely autonomous. It can be expanded with our optional Rain Kit for additional measurement capacity and added accuracy.

Commercial Weather Stations are all-in-one weather monitoring solutions. The powerful wireless weather stations allow users to set up the unit anywhere in their yard or building to track local conditions, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and direction. Users can also receive weather alerts via the unit’s integrated AM/FM radio, as well as view potential lightning strikes in real-time up to 300 miles away using the free Storm AIO app for iOS or Android devices.

A commercial-quality weather station is the perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiast. Such a weather station unit has a handheld remote sensor, allowing you to check the current weather conditions and record outside temperature and wind speed while you're enjoying other activities. Helpful for advance planning and tracking lightning storms in real time up to 300 miles away. The system comes with a convenient carrying case that features a built-in stand for use in all terrains and allows easy viewing of the LCD screen that displays outdoor temperature (max/min), indoor temperature (max/min), dew point, humidity %, barometric pressure, wind speed (mph, knot).