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Cape Cod Wind & Weather


Cape Cod Wind Weather instruments are beautifully simple, for very demanding users. The tradition of quality and performance started by their founder George Andersen still exists today in each instrument we make. From hand-polished brass fittings to the classic diagonals and most famous of all our brand name. It is a tradition that Cape Cod proudly upholds in every detail of this beautiful instrument.

The Cape Cod Wind Weather forecaster combines the highest quality electronics with authentic handcrafted wooden components. This pivoting instrument receives all weather broadcast transmissions from over forty U.S. and International terrestrial broadcast transmitters, as well as those from three orbiting satellites. This instrument can also receive data from eleven international shortwave broadcast transmitters.

Cape Cod Instruments have been a standard against which all other marine instruments are measured for decades. They have been smoothed from solid brass, polished to a glowing shine, and painstakingly hand engraved by a skilled engraver. Weighing a full 10 lbs., each comes with a full 5 year warranty, making them the finest instruments available at any price.

The wind and weather indicators manufactured by Cape Cod Wind & Weather Instruments have been recognized internationally for accuracy and reliability. Manufactured of the finest materials with the most advanced Swiss movement, they have been providing accurate meteorological information to boaters, fishermen, farmers, pilots and others since the early 1900's.

Cape Cod Wind & Weather Indicators let you bring the weather indoors. These quality, precision instruments include Wind Speed Indicators (available with Peak Gust Register), Wind Direction Indicators, Barometers, Temperature Indicators (Dial Thermometers and Bimetallic Bulb Thermometers), Rain Gauges, Tide Clocks, and Time Clocks. 

Cape Cod Wind & Weather Indicators bring the weather indoors with a choice of solid brass, stainless steel or accurate hand-polished stainless steel. The adjustable dials on the wind indicators give you control over the accuracy of all readings. The mercury barometers have been especially protected from any tampering by being completely enclosed in a shatter-resistant glass tube lockable with an easy turn-key operation. Cape Cod Weather Center offers a complete line of indoor wind, weather and tide indicators that are functional, accurate and easy to read. Each instrument is uniquely designed with detailed graphics to capture the true essence of Cape Cod.