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Airmar Weather Stations

Airmar Weather Stations & Accessories by Weather Scientific

Airmar's weather sensing instruments provide a versatile and economical way to monitor the weather, even when you're on the water. Whether it's marine weather conditions, outdoor temperatures, or atmospheric pressure you're after, our full complement of easy-to-use weather sensors is sure to have just what you're looking for.

Airmar's team is comprised of engineers, marine biologists, and acoustic sensing experts eager to talk about fish-finder technology and how we can build a transducer to fit your needs. Airmar Weather Sensors and equipment are designed and tested in New Hampshire USA and worldwide. Our service and support team is available 24/7 to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate Airmar instruments for your needs.

Airmar weather stations are built for everyone. Whether you are a serious weather observer or purchasing your first weather station, Airmar has something to fit your needs. Airmar offers weather stations with remote sensors for the "weather nerd" enthusiast who wants to monitor wind speed and direction at multiple outdoor locations, or our wireless station with indoor/outdoor sensors for the casual observer who simply wants to know what the conditions are outside. Weather-ready features include lightning alert, temperature alarm, extreme temperature alert, wind chill alert, storm tide information, and much more.